A Lean Startup Culture for The SMART Entrepreneur to Build a Sustainable Business.

The Entrepreneur -The Lean Startup Book

All over the world, entrepreneurs are adding value to lives and transforming economies. But many who started their business soon discovered that the path to success is so narrow that about 80% of all startups veer off the curve every year. Now, The Entrepreneur - A Lean Startup book for the Smart Entrepreneur to Build a Sustainable Business is here to guide you through those narrow paths.

This book contains ideas and tools that will help you to make useful assumptions to turn your idea into reality. It is written to help you design a business model, test your idea, create a minimum viable product (MVP), and validate your MVP. Some of the important topics covered include how to create your ideal customer segments and develop clear understanding about the key components of your business model.

In this book you will learn:

  • How to turn ideas into reality
  • Differences between business plan and business model and why business plan is not relevant for starting a business
  • Step-by-step guide to design your business model
  • Customer discovery and customer validation models
  • How to turn business model assumptions to fact
  • How to create a minimum viable product (MVP)
  • The process of validating an MVP
  • Fundamentals for creating a company


Nkem Mpamah is a trusted advisor, a start-up evangelist, business coach, and keynote speaker. He is founder and president of Cognition Global Concepts, a firm that helps entrepreneurs and businbess executives create roadmaps to multiply productivity and achieve business excellence. Nkem Mpamah is the creator of The EntreCoachâ„¢ Program, which he uses to help start-up entrepreneurs and large companies to redefine how they think about starting, managing, and growing a successful profitable business.


Here's summary of each chapter of The Entrepreneur.


Jonas Kent

Creative, W, Entertainment

The Entrepreneur contains powerful ideas and tool that can help anyone to start and grow his or her business with no previous experience of starting a business. The explanations are simple and straightforward. The Entrepreneur is a must read for any start-up entrepreneur.

Jane Doe

CEO/Founder, GoodWork Inc.

When starting a business or developing new products, entrepreneurs need to focus on what matters the most to business - the customer. Nkem Mpamah's book, The Entrepreneur lays out the fundamental steps for creating a business or product that customers will like and pay for.