I’ll still be waiting until towards the end of the year though Looks like it’s superb value. In computer terms, SE nearly always means feature stripped version. The notebook has 2 integrated speakers and a subwoofer???? Badly translated page regarding the Aldi Notebook

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Where to go and how much? What router are you using. Have a look on the plastic face of the DVD drive. Incidentally, has anyone medion md95400 these Notebooks as Desktop replacements ie.

Or have they had plenty in the past? VERY happy with it.

medion md95400 I first noticed this when I was medion md95400 Ubuntu and I figured it must have been a linux driver issue but then yesterday it happened whilst I was in windows. Only thing i dislike is the preset factory settings i.

Medion MD Memory & RAM Chip Upgrades – Lifetime Guarantee!

Data Memory Systems has been selling Memory Upgrades for over twenty years. I have used ritek g05 and some old melody disks. They said the medion md95400 given to each partition were just medion md95400 ones the whacky germans put in and you can put whatever you want in the backup partition, just don’t mess with the stuff they’ve got in the recovery partition if you want to do a recovery.

Sure it isn’t a miniPCI slot for the wireless? The upgrade fixed this. I medion md95400 burned many dvd’s and they all came to be very good.

MEDION MD95400 Notebook & Laptop

Mains power supply is a universal V type with a emdion 2-pin “figure 8” power connector. How’s the medion md95400 quality and screen on it? Do i actually have to plug it into my TV for it to work? Or medion md95400 it more an “in-addition-to-desktop” kind medion md95400 thing? When I took it out again an hour later it was nearly cooking – seems it had shut itself down because of the heat, but the fan was still running frantically.

MEDION Md95400 Ram-speicher 256 MD 95400

Also, optical drive made horrible sounds when I tried with an mp3 CD. Just reading the instruction book and it says if you change the partition sizes then you won’t be able to use the recovery discs.

Comes with lots of goodies medion md95400 even a power surge AC double adaptor which I found rather medion md95400 There was one girl that’d medion md95400 sitting there since Anyone that ever wants a computer from Aldi, I suggest you get there early.

I can’t believe they have these here already, it’s only been weeks since they were on sale in EU. Can anyone suggest what might cause the notebook to no longer respond to the remote? May waste some battery power meedion fixed my problem – Medion centrino notebook with Intel BG purchased Nov Medion md95400 it has 2 yr on site warranty.

I’d like to reduce the size of the C medion md95400 and increase the D drive. Can someone that’s bought medion md95400 of these tell me if it has one of those new shiny screens?

I bought the Medion medion md95400 that was on sale at Aldi last October. Unfortunately it didn’t hibernate, but continued running. I still can’t get the TV tuner to work It turns off every time I try to tune in the stations but I have no doubt the fine support people will get it running. I’m in South Melbourne and look over the Channel 7 studios to their transmitter, didn’t even get that with the little aerial.

Incidentally Paul, did you use the driver on the website: medion md95400