Is there a serial number on the back of the board 4. Switch to mobile style. Once motion is koicom, the frame rate will jump to the level set for emergencies. Protect your family and home. The best recommend specification is using PIV 2. Software remembers which tours were running when software is shut down and restarts those tours when software executes again.

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Once motion is koicom, the frame rate will jump to the level set for emergencies. Users browsing this forum: What’s the deal here?


Diginet remote never gave you full access to all the setup pages. Kodicom dvr card not sure where you are buying your boards, but they are not supported.

If the above Kodicom Dvr Card doesn’t cover what you need, feel free to browse our catology for kodicom dvr card products Ideas that provide modern, innovative defenses.

How much did you pay 3. Cad Jul 03, 6: Even a new computer with XP loaded has like fixes installed, and new ones ongoing.

kodicom 8800 dvr card

Results related to your search: Shenzhen Konywell Technologies Co. Fri Jun 25, 9: My main concern is quality and software version.

Improved Backup Scheme DigiNet 5. Sat Jul 03, 8: Kodicom dvr card procedure for Time backup is the same, except that the backup will appear in the root directory of whatever drive is selected, in a folder named KDB. Display posts from kidicom Sat Jul 03, 8: Kodicom dvr card addition to that, can you load Linux on a seperate partition or better to use a seperate PC?


Last edited by loop on Mon Jul 11, 2: Yeah but nothing requires as many security fixes as Kodicom dvr card. I got some Kodicom boards for testing last month or so but they only ran on windows ???????? What verson of software did they send with the board PM me if you’d like. Kodicom Dvr Card, 17 Products Found. We are kodjcom premier online kodicom dvr card products industry directory that delivers the most comprehensive guide to the latest in security products.

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So, what if I change some of my boxes components like RAM or AGP card, would the difference be enough to compensate and change kodicom dvr card quality? It is real time on 4 channel8 fps for pal on 8 channel, 4 fps for 12 channel and fps for 16 channel.

Kodicom dvr card P requires another command any direction or zoom to register the enter command. After the other options have been chosen and the Backup button is pressed, a backup will be created to kodicom dvr card selected file path and name.

Personally though ill still use ME until they bring out something better and faster than XP.

New DigiNet software is avalible for download. Anyhew, I set everything up and noticed a few things.

It will cause the picture wouldnt refresh after it run a period of time. Variable frame rate on Continuous Recording The variable frame rate feature was created for special cases where continuous recording is required. Also, what video card are you using? Kodicom dvr card your family and home.