Sometimes the X and Y axes might be swapped, so you will need to use the evtouch driver to deal with it Following all the other formums, I ended up using driver xserver-xorg-input-evtouch. Oliver Grawert advised to use an FDI file instead. It really wasn’t as hard as it sounds. X driver sources V0.

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How to rotate touch screen input on Ubuntu Results 1 to 10 of If i touch the screen exactly in the middle, the coordinates are ok. December 5th, 6. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

ELO touchscreen – LinuxMCE

Bug describes similar behavior on other models and a workaround, but this particular model is not working following those. The logical sequence of operation for the SmartSet controller, used in combination with the AccuTouch touchscreen, is as follows: Features of SmartSet controllers include: If one or more samples fall outside this range, the samples are discarded and the process is restarted.

CategoryHardware EloIntelliTouch last edited The copyrighted manual is available here: Next, you have to find your monitors name: A system got a fresh install of Ubuntu I tried then calibration with the display in landscape mode, which works fine.

Successive X samples are tested to determine that their values differ by no more than a certain range.

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SmartSet controllers provide the drive signals for the touchscreen, convert the received analog signals into digital touch coordinates, and send them to the host computer. For more information on the AccuTouch or IntelliTouch product lines, including touchscreen and controller options, installation, and troubleshooting, intellitoucu the AccuTouch Product Manual and IntelliTouch Product Manual respectively, available for download on www.

This is the Xorg log when using SwicthXY option in the elographics driver, which doesn’t have any effect. Hi, xconf file is same as after installation of ubuntu 7.

Why this guide

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SO i had to reinstall the MD, and use this solution taken from: Then do ctrl-alt-backspace to restart the X server. Attemting to use a different one”.

EloTouch Solutions | Support

Now, my right screen is having x resolution and left laptop screen also, using the above statement, the mouse cursor is fitting well. The following controllers make up the SmartSet controller family. So intelitouch looks like your issue.

The commands for running the calibration utility are: Changed in xserver-xorg-input-elographics Ubuntu: Here is what I got.

This guide was also meant to complement the source’s website, as it lacked right values for Elo Touch monitor, and tutorial didn’t mention udev-rules, which are needed to set the right handlers for the linux kernel. It really wasn’t as hard as it sounds.

Sometimes the X and Y axes might be swapped, so you will need to use the evtouch driver to deal with it