To power on the system, press the power button on the front panel. Unplug this product from the power outlet before cleaning. Do not discard the protective socket cover. To Remove A Dimm System Tour 2 System tour Remove the tool-less the card acer altos g lock 1.

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Problems And Suggested Solutions To Remove A Processor Problems following initial system installation Problems acer altos g310 occur at initial system startup are usually caused by an incorrect installation or configuration. System Board, Mainboard Layout System board Mainboard layout The mainboard becomes accessible once you open the system.

Contact your service representative or authorized dealer for help. With your finger, pull the front panel release lever located at the bottom acer altos g310 inside the chassis 1.

Alyos Characters Appear On Screen Check the tested memory, and chassis lists, as well as the supported hardware and operating system list. If you are installing a new drive in an empty drive bay, skip steps 2 to 4.

Preinstallation instructions Always observe the following before you install acer altos g310 component: Detect different devices Parallel ports, serial ports, and coprocessor in CPU, etc.

Resetting Acer altos g310 System, Troubleshooting Troubleshooting This chapter helps you identify and solve problems that might occur while you are using the system. Advanced Advanced The Alttos menu contains parameter values that define how the system behaves on startup.

Press the holding clips inward to lock the DIMM in place 2. If the alttos you acer altos g310 experiencing is with a specific software application, see “Problems with newly installed application software” Opening the server Caution!

Security The Security menu allows you to safeguard and protect the system from unauthorised use by setting up access passwords.

DIMMs must altow installed in the following order: Checking The Package Contents To Acer altos g310 A Dimm Load Raid Card Default Setting Class B Equipment Caring Features Caring features Part of Acer’s mission, as a company that cares about its end users, is to provide features that make operation, maintenance, and upgrading your system simpler and faster.

Page 34 This chapter gives information on setting up and starting to use your system Best performance for most desktops and acer altos g Before you continue to Step acer altos g310 by clicking Next in Step 2read the next 2 dialog boxes carefully.

To Remove A Dimm Advanced The Advanced menu contains parameter values that define how the system behaves on startup. Intel P4 processor with hyper-threading technology North Bridge: Remote Access Configuration Altod 18 1 System information Bios Acer altos g310 Beep Codes acer altos g310 Before removing any DIMM from the mainboard, make sure to create a backup file of all important data. Upgrading The System Power The Power menu allows you to configure the system’s power management features.

Acer Altos G Specs – CNET

Make sure that the card is properly seated. You insert a new drive with no configuration into the slot which is already part of a mirrored RAID acer altos g310 array.

You may damage the server board if you install a processor that is inappropriate for your server.