This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I was pleasantly surprised by the Super LS hybrid. The sound of the clubhead was quiet and very pleasant. My clubhead speed barely touches mph, and with these drivers I was carrying nearly identical distances, ranging from yards on the monitor calibrated to sea level, not at the altitude where I live. The black ring is a hosel extender, I believe. Some other hybrid designs, the soles of the club are curved such that only the bottom part of the sole come into contact with the ground.

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I think there are benefits to be had. Launch was better, distance was better, deviation was better, adam speed was better, feel was better, everything was better.

Adams Speedline Super LS Driver Review – The Hackers Paradise

What really makes the Super LS unique in terms of technology, what Adams calls a technological marvel, is the multi-material design. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

The change helped him lower his spin rate rpm on average, while avams opening the club face slightly to take the left side out of play. Andrew achieved slightly more left bias with the M2 D-Type, which was what he wanted for his tee game.

Axams 3 distinct heads 8.

Adams Speedline Super LS Driver – Golfalot

After teeing it up a bit higher and making some adjustments with my swing, I was just killing the ball on the back nine. Okay, so we get the picture. Ronald Montesano Jun 25, at One thing I noticed I do have to hit a few practice balls with it to get a groove before going to the links. With Adams Fast Fit adjustability, golfers can adjust the lie, loft, length and swing weight of their Super LS driver.

You might even comment in this thread under a few different names and have a full-on conversation with yourself yeah…we know about that.

Adams Speedline Super LS Driver

Neither driver is as adjustable as other models on the market, such as the Nike Covert and TaylorMade R1. The logos are stitched in to the leather. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Equipment 2 weeks ago. The loft, speerline angle and lie of the LS are also adjustable, allowing for variances of up to 2 degrees in lie and 1 degree either way in loft. Nothing will take over the permanent spot in my bag though ad my Amp Cell is speeedline accurate and long but I do love my other Adams gear and please do yourself a favor and get fitted like I did, most stock made for shafts are bad and they are most likely not as marked I.

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So who better to poll to get an initial indication of the best performing drivers so far in ? It would be good to get an update on them as they are, IMHO, amongst the very best putter manufacturers in the world. This combined with the deep face design creates a driver that high launch and 20113 spin players have been longing to hit.

Obviously not the club but my ability to us it I guess but usually I find drivers the easiest club to hit. We may be in the off-season, but over the last seven days, there has still been plenty of action from Have had Adams super s driver for 20133 week, 2 rounds. News 1 month ago.

By comparison, the Super S is much larger, both from heel to toe and front to back. Sorry should have put these in the reply to what someone said area not here at the bottom. Brian 6 years ago. You may also like.

Many were absolutely certain that TaylorMade would make quick work of the Adams brand. But with practice, draws and fades can be hit. Both drivers are very long and low-spinning, with good looks and a robust sound.

Jason Dec 12, at 4: I supdr the S to be pretty impressive.